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Franchise by Arenda Group for apartments for rent

Those who wish to organize their own business

We offer to cooperate on the basis of franchiseIf you decide to invest their money in the open personal file, but have not decided what exactly — the following information may be helpful. In addition, if you are interested in the business of daily rent and want to develop this industry in his city — we are ready to share the secrets of their activities. You will have the chance to work under the direction of a successful leader and earn income in the 500 — 3000 dollars a month on the lease of apartments. We will give answers to all the questions that interest you, and share experiences and work scheme that will provide a stable income.

We offer to cooperate on the basis of the franchise. With us — training and providing all the details required for the development of your business: the web — page, internal and external workflow, exceptional design and other intellectual property. With you — the desire to work and co-operation, the availability of entrepreneurial skills, the initial capital in the amount of 30 — 50 thousand dollars. Sikorsky TimurYou can count on our support for the process of formation and development of your business on the basis of a franchise of Arenda-Group companies. Read more detail — in the category Franchise News

Ask about any questions about Franchises — 0992009080. t_amerla_n@mail.ru.

From SW. Arenda-Group founder of the campaign, Sikorsky Timur.


Автор: Сикорский Т.А.

Опубликовано: 11 марта 2016