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The owners of apartments

Rent your apartment for long termNow in order to rent out his apartment for a long period of honest lodgers at a good price and have to work hard. But we are ready to do it for you. If you — the owner of the apartment and look for tenants — let’s work together. We are willing to be responsible for the furniture and appliances left in the apartment. And also for the integrity of the repair. All items will be spelled out in a special agreement, which will take into account your interests. Such a contract is a guarantee that work with us — nice and safe!

In the event of any loss or damage — we are ready to compensate them for their own account. Moreover, if you agree, we can take on the trouble to repair or purchase furniture. Naturally, all these moments are solved individually.

Rent your apartment for long termAll our actions are lawful and check in daily rent happening legally. We are responsible for all the actions of our customers and their consequences. In addition, we place the decision of any questions related to the complaints of neighbors, visit the tax or other authorized persons. Because our activity — absolutely legitimate, and experience in dealing with issues and smoothing any conflict — a long and successful.

You will be offered the best price option on the rental market. Apartment owners working with us for five years and more satisfied with their decision.

Thank you for your attention!


Автор: Сикорский Т.А.

Опубликовано: 10 марта 2016