Services apartments for rent in Kiev:

Services in apartments in Kiev- As required, we can advise you free of charge on accommodation in Kiev in the chosen apartment, and provide information about the attractions in the nearby vicinity;

- On request, prepared to provide additional cleaning service apartments in Kiev for a fee;

- In addition, for a fee, we can provide you with the necessary set of disposable cosmetics (shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste) and slippers;

- If necessary, also provide the service of linen or washing your items at an additional cost.

Services in apartments in KievIn addition, renting an apartment for rent in Kiev, you can use the services of our partners:

- Written and oral translation services;
- Pick-up service and a shuttle from the airport or train station;
- Call a taxi, order pizza, flowers;
- Restaurants, cafes, catering establishments;
- Billiards, bowling, night clubs.

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