For your convenience, on payment of the apartment you have chosen in Kiev, we offer you several options that you can choose the most convenient:

1) Bank transfer.

Transfer money to stay in Kiev, you can use a payment order from a personal bank account or without opening an account, pay in cash at any bank, indicating the details of the beneficiary. The advantage of the bank transfer in its simplicity; for their services the bank will charge a small fee (1-1.5%) in proportion to the total amount transferred.

If you need to transfer money to bank transfer as the payment of accommodation in Kiev, and then receive a complete package of accounting reports for your company, you should clarify all the details on the phone, and then put on the account details set out below.

Details for bank payments:
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Recipient: SPDFL “Sikorsky Timur A.”
EDRPOU code: 2907805053
IBAN  UA 103052990000026009006220134
Beneficiary Bank: Privatbank
Purpose of payment: “Prepayment for services of renting an apartment in accordance with the invoice number from … Without VAT …”

2) Advance payment for an apartment in Kiev with the help of payment terminals PrivatbankПередоплата за квартиру подобово в Києвіsending money to the account of the card of Privatbank. This operation is very simple: contact any of Ibox terminals (Electronic Money, replenishment of mobile operators, Internet / TV, banks, tickets), select the column by bank card and follow the instructions. Note that the terminal should prompt you for the 16-digit card number, as well as the data of the recipient must be the same with the following. The amount of deposit you discuss in advance with the manager. To avoid any misunderstandings, it is advisable to keep a check on payment and have it with you when checking in the apartment.

Bank details for payment in the self-service terminal

Recipient: Sikorsky Timur A.
Name of bank: PrivatBank
Card number: 5363 5420 9594 4477      
Payment: Privat replenishment card account.

3) Payment for accommodation in Kiev with the help of cash directly into the checking day. At the same time, we are also ready to provide you with the necessary reporting documents for transmission to the accounting department.

4) Bank transfer. It is very convenient and common way to safely carry out the transfer or receipt of cash in Ukraine and abroad. If you are accustomed to pay in shops, restaurants, supermarkets, card and do not like to deal with in cash – no problem. Manager meets you at the apartment, will make payment by plastic card on bank portable terminal. Reporting documents, we will provide upon residence.

5) Paying with instant money transfer systems.

Western Union – an American company with a long-term (150 years) experience in the provision of funds intermediation services. It is one of the leaders in the market of money transfers and customers around the world trust their money to her.

PrivatMoney – Privat money transfer system, which allows monetary intermediation more than 100 between the countries.

The above services are instant money transfer, will be an indispensable solution for all guests who want to quickly make an advance payment for one of the apartments the company “Arenda Group from abroad. 

       6) Electronic online – payment.

Privat24 of Privatbank – an open Internet – a purse, through which the actual transfer money even from a mobile phone. In our view, perhaps the most convenient method of electronic payments today in Ukraine! Payment for an apartment in Kiev for a day can be done online, in national currency of Ukraine (UAH – UAH), following the simple instructions, and text prompts that provides online banking Privat24. The whole operation takes less than 2 minutes. You will be logged in, you have to write your phone number and password, specify details privatbankovskoy card (in the payment – enter the “completion of PrivatBank card bills”), check whether the card number is the same as the name of the recipient (identified in the details, the text above), confirm by pressing button, your actions – all payment has, accomplished! the same is done just like a computer, and a phone!

*** Please note: the final cost of an apartment for rent, presented on the site of the company “Arenda Group” may vary, depending on the number of tenants and apartment rental purposes.


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: March 4 2015