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Restaurants, nightclubs, cafes Obolon district

Of course, if you are in town and decided that the best option to spend the night – daily rent apartments in Kiev – you have a great opportunity to cook tasty food, both at home. But this does not mean that you have the time and desire. A Obolon can eat in very many places – from restaurants to the sophistication of simple cafes. Depending on your tastes and possibilities. And not just to eat – but also to relax and chat with friends.



Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 12e, tel. +38 (044) 464-93-58

The cozy restaurant of European and Ukrainian cuisine. It is best to work out here grill menu, as well as fish and seafood. There are two comfortable lounge and a terrace for fresh air lovers. Ideal for a family or group of friends.

"Scorpion" Restaurant

“Scorpion” Restaurant

“Golden saffron”

Address: Str. Avtozavodskaya, 41, tel. +380 (44) 485-16-74, +380 (67) 239-25-74

Oriental cuisine restaurant. The most delicious dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine here, including cooked on the grill. There are two lounges and a summer terrace, live music, show programs. and for those who want – even a sauna and steam bath.

The interior of the "Golden saffron"

The interior of the “Golden saffron”


Address: Str. Alexander Archipenko,5(the old name of the street – Mate Zalka), tel. +380 (44)222-52-22

One of the network of pizzerias, restaurants. In addition to pizza and serves a variety of Italian dishes. By the way, in addition to pizza, the strong side of the restaurant – desserts and ice cream, which is made here.

The restaurant «Mammamia»

The restaurant «Mammamia»


Address: Str. Heroes of Stalingrad, 16c, tel. +380 (44) 412-00-10, +380 (67) 343-33-22

Brewery-Restaurant (restaurant-brewery). To beer locally produced European meat dishes are served, including classic German dishes – sausages and aysbayn, as well as grilled specialties. An ideal place for beer lovers, especially those who rents an apartment for rent in Kiev and wants to take a break from everyday life. In this two-story restaurant is, as an opportunity to gather a large company and retire.

«BEER.Live» night

«BEER.Live» night

Night clubs

CD Bar

Address: Str. Prirechnaya, 11a, tel. +380 (44) 361-50-22

This is – a night club with a bar and restaurant. Apart from a good dance music and there are other nice things – a great bar, and a restaurant serving European cuisine. The CD Bar is the perfect place to have fun komapnii or two.

CD Bar

CD Bar

«Disco Radio Hall»

Address: Avenue. Moscow, 32, tel. +380 (44) 428-73-88

One of the best night clubs of the capital offers a variety of programs for those who like different music, including for devotees of nostalgia for the old days – the disco 80s and 90s.

«Disco Radio Hall»

«Disco Radio Hall»

Karaoke club “Elvis”

Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 4a, tel. +380 (44) 597-14-09

In addition to music and opportunities to reveal their singing talents, visitors waiting for a great European and Japanese cuisine, as well as a very rich bar. It is targeted at all comfortable and creative leisure.

The club "Elvis"

The club “Elvis”

Cafe Dining Room.

Cafe-bar “Basta”

Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 20a, tel. +380 (67) 814-51-11

Cafe-bar with excellent Ukrainian and European cuisine. There are excellent opportunities for the organization of banquets, including for small companies.

Cafe-bar "Basta"

Cafe-bar “Basta”

«L’Kafa Cafe»

Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 27, tel. +380 (44) 362-73-34

This two-story restaurant «L’Kafa Cafe» network. Here are European, including Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern Cuisine, there is a karaoke room, show programs. Perfect for a fun company, and for those who want to be alone.

L'Kafa Cafe

L’Kafa Cafe

Varenichnaya “Katyusha”

Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 24, tel. +380 (44) 467-80-18

Obolonskiy representative Varenichnaya network, where you can sample all kinds of dumplings. An excellent choice for lovers of classic dishes.

Varenichnaya "Katyusha"

Varenichnaya “Katyusha”

This, of course, a very small part of those points for lovers of delicious food, which is in this wonderful area. Apartments for rent in Kiev Obolon may well become the beginning of a huge tour of the kitchens of the countries all over the world, to whom go here – just a couple of minutes.

Drink Coffee? Obolon? No problems!

Obolon is everything. And cozy home, where it is best to rent apartments in Kiev. And shopping centers. And parks. And restaurants. AND…
But sometimes you want to stop for a moment in the urban rush, a cup of coffee with sweets … And with that Obolon’s all right.

Coffee-confectionery “Lisova pіsnya”

Address: Avenue. Heroes of Stalingrad, 24, tel. +380 (44) 237-41-76

If you want to sit quietly and not to run for coffee – you here. A cozy room, summer terrace, excellent service. And most importantly – delicious coffee, a variety of cocktails and a selection of sweets.

Coffee with summer terrace "Lisova pіsnya"

Coffee with summer terrace “Lisova pіsnya”

Coffee and store «Empire Coffee»

Address: Obolonska embankment, 19, Bldg. 4

This coffee shop – for lovers of coffee and sweets, where you can relax in the hall and on the street. Coffee, hot chocolate, cocktails, ice cream – all for a minute break in the flow of daily affairs.

«Empire Coffee»

«Empire Coffee»

Coffee “Kiyivs’ka kav’yarnya”

Address: Avenue. Obolonskiy, 26

This little coffee shop – LFA – with excellent coffee and delicious panini – just for those who have decided for a moment to stop and drink coffee on the way to work. She arranged to divert extending from haste and urgent matters and help to recall the small pleasures of life.

"Kiyivs'ka kav'yarnya"

“Kiyivs’ka kav’yarnya”

Coffee «GO! Coffee »

Address: TC “Metropolis”, ul. Marshal Malinovsky, 12

If you get tired while shopping, or just decided to drink coffee in a cozy atmosphere and at the same time the mobile shopping mall – it is best to do it in the GO! Coffee – Coffee is good and the prices reasonable, and very good service.

«GO! Coffee »

«GO! Coffee »


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: March 30 2016