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6 benefits of daily rent on Kiev Hotels

Any trip to a foreign city presents a number of problems, of which not the last – the right choice of property. What is in this context necessary to pay attention to not trip was unsuccessful?

1. The cost of living. Kiev – a very expensive city, and sometimes it is difficult to choose a fairly comfortable hotel at an affordable price. At the same time, rent apartments in Kiev is always cheaper than a hotel. And even if prices are comparable, the price / performance ratio will definitely be on the side of the apartment – in fact you will find yourself not in a public place, but actually “at home”.

2. Comfort. Of course, there are luxury hotels, comfortable rooms which are not less than a great apartment. But in any case, the hotel is a public place, imposes certain restrictions. You are surrounded by strangers. In addition, in inexpensive hotels often bother the noise, and the living conditions are far from optimal – one has only to recall the shared shower down the hall. At the same time, the apartment you find yourself almost at home, do not depend on the actions of strangers, have the opportunity to live in the rhythm, which are used to.

3. Security for things. Of course, the keys to the rooms of the hotel have the administration. Its the same keys, in many cases, leaving, you have to leave, but to drag them is a snap, and no one will pay attention to the numbers visiting outsiders. Set out who did it, it is practically impossible, even if you have a private room. If, however, it has access to someone else – then leave the room something of value is about as safe as the middle of the street. Of course, the owner of the apartment, too, could steal anything, but in this case is too narrow circle of suspects – ie theft in the apartment is much less likely.

4. Freedom of movement. Many hotels, especially older and a cheap, dormitory rule operates to this day – “close at eleven.” That is, if you want to come back later, you can get a good charge of unpleasant emotions. And even if the entrance to the hotel, as expected, around the clock – all the same it turns out that your late arrival of someone interferes. But in a separate apartment in the house, you can feel much calmer, because here you do not interfere with anyone.

5. Communicate with strangers. If you did not come to talk to strangers, rent apartments in Kiev is much more convenient than staying in a hotel where you have to deal with other people much more often than in the stairwell of an apartment house.

6. Possibility of normal power supply. Of course, arriving an hour in Kiev can be interrupted and junk food, and the café has not been canceled. But if you prefer homemade food, or have stomach problems, or just sit on a diet for the sake of beauty figures – much more convenient to cook in a separate apartment, and not snacking on the run. Yes, and cheaper comes out again.

It seems more comfortable the hotel?

It seems more comfortable the hotel?


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: March 30 2016