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30 interesting facts about Kiev

You are coming to Kiev – whether at work, or simply to meet. The whole day you are busy in the evening – a rest … To take care of things, to feel comfortable, at home, rent an apartment in Kiev – this is not something to be in the city is very inconvenient. You know how to get to the desired location, know a little center … And what do you tell about Kiev, came home? Especially for you we’ve found some interesting facts that will decorate your story.

1. House Ginsburg was the tallest structure of the Russian Empire (and the pre-war Soviet Union), Ukraine’s first skyscraper (12 floors, 60 m). By the way, it was used as a hotel, and yet it was possible to rent an apartment – it was always a lot of visitors in Kiev.
2. “Trolley Train” (linked trolley) first appeared in Kiev.
3. Khreshchatyk – three times champion among the central streets of European capitals: the widest (75 m), the shortest (1300 m) and was replaced by the most titles (7 times).
4. Vladimir street – one of the oldest in Kiev, she was more than a thousand years.
5. “Golden Gates” metro station is among the ten most beautiful metro stations in the world.
6. The most visited museum in Kiev – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, more than a million tourists a year.
7. National Park, there is almost no European capital. A SPE is “Goloseevsky” in Kiev in the city.
8. Motherland – one of the highest monuments in the world (102 meters) higher than the Statue of Liberty (93 m).
9. Kiev funicular connects two of the most ancient district of Kiev – Podil and the Upper Town; moreover, it is – the shortest route of the city (222 m).

Kiev funicular

Kiev funicular

10. The first electric tram network in the Russian Empire and the second in Kiev appeared in Europe in 1892. But now the tram tracks are liquidated with the maximum speed, but in vain – this is a very eco-friendly form of transport.
11. Bald Mountain in Kiev did not come because of the machinations of evil forces, but because of the common ax: wood on it just cut down for firewood.
12. Kiev is in the first ten of the most greenest cities in Europe (about 20 m2 of green space per person), however, the efforts baryg fools and destroying parks, successfully rolled from third place much closer to the end of the top ten. Others are thrown – we chop.
13. Problems with the overloaded wagons were observed in the Middle Ages in Kiev: the merchants to avoid paying the tax once again to the passage of loaded carts through the city, their very overloaded. However, city officials have struggled with this phenomenon effectively – wee break carts all the goods confiscated. A nice way to deal with overloaded vans in the city.
14. Stalin in 1947 ordered to find the burial of Yuri Dolgoruky in the Cathedral of the Savior on Berestove (near Kiev-Pechersk Lavra). His remains have not found – but set a tombstone. But the founder of Moscow really is buried in Kiev – in 1989, it did find.
15. Three UNESCO World Heritage Site of seven Ukrainian located in Kiev (Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Sophia Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Berestove.

Church of the Savior on Berestove

Church of the Savior on Berestove

16. According to the legend, is worth Sophia Cathedral – Kiev will stand.
17. St. Andrew’s Church has never been and there is no bell – according to legend, at the first impact of its bells from the ground water to rise and flood the Kiev and the surrounding land.
18. Officially, the base year is considered to be 482, but the first mention in the chronicles (by him and determined the time the city’s founding) – 860 It is true that the archaeological dating of the first buildings in Kiev indicate VI-VII century.
19. On the beach on the island Trukhaniv you go on the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe.
20. Goloseevskiy park was founded in 1631 by Peter the Tomb – the first man-made Ukrainian park.

National Natural Park "Goloseevsky"

National Natural Park “Goloseevsky”

21. Prior to the reconstruction of the Independence Square in the underpass at the churchyard you can see the remains of Lyadsky gate – there was a small museum. His eliminated during reconstruction.
22. Kiev is on the 6th place in Europe in terms of population. But in the XI century, it occupied an area equal to the area of the then ten Paris.
23. Kiev is considered the capital of the chestnut, but the chestnut – invader rather than native species for Ukraine trees.
24. The oldest residential building in Kiev is located in Podil, it more than 250 years. True, the apartments in Kiev removed in newer homes.
25. Great Lavra Bell Tower tilted to the northeast at 62 cm.
26. “Arsenal” Metro Station – the deepest station in the world (105 m), it can serve as a bomb shelter, even when the atomic bombing. However, to get out of it is, alas, nowhere.
27. The architect Rastrelli never visited Kiev – St. Andrew’s Church his project had to adjust in accordance with the terrain features.
28. The first house on Khreshchatyk (then – Kreshchataja Valley) appeared in 1797. Now at Khreshchatyk price per night is successfully competing with the prices in a nice hotel.
29. During the construction of Vladimir Cathedral replaced by five architects.
30. Kiev – the capital, even in birds. Here the largest in Ukraine variety of songs from Finch.


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: March 25 2016