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Excursion routes of Kiev

Kiev – is almost unlimited field of study. Familiar with it can be years. Even the people of Kiev sometimes do not know their city as something thoroughly. Therefore, in his spare time, even should they have to go on excursions. Not to mention those who come to Kiev for a few days to explore the ancient city. Therefore, rented apartment for rent in Kiev, it is necessary to leave things to put on and more comfortable to go on trips, a variety of which are now incredible. Habitual mournful “Look left, look right,” was replaced by interactive techniques and creators of excursions are already tourists themselves, and there were amazing tour-quests and unusual trips, tours and even hot air balloons and excursions in Kiev mystical.

Ordinary study tours
These excursions all know – walking or on the bus, they enable a quick look at the city and learn about the main monuments, navigate the streets. Of course, just arrived in the city, is worth visiting on this trip, if only to learn what to look for.
Another version of the tour – a tour of the facility-specific, for example, on behalf of the National Botanic Garden of NN Grishko or at the Zoological Museum of National Science and Natural History Museum.

Even the study tour is now uncommon

Even the study tour is now uncommon

Corporate tours
It is – absolutely visit certain places and getting absolutely rare information. For example, it may be a tour of the Kiev subway, or behind the scenes of the theater, walk or exploring mysterious places whimsical sculptures on the facades of buildings.

Branded tour in the subway

Branded tour in the subway

History of one street
Yes, the history of Kiev is so rich and multifaceted that sometimes one street is enough for the whole tour. This is the main street – Khreshchatyk, and the famous St. Andrew’s Descent, Gogol and the famous House with cats and … The enumeration will take more than one page.

The history of one street - Gogol

The history of one street – Gogol

The study of the nature of Kiev
Kiev failed to destroy a natural islands, and some city parks represent just pieces of wood. Those who wish to get acquainted with the nature help experienced guides who know the nature. It is with them in the usual forest can spy a lot of secrets. For example, with a guide of the National Natural Park “Goloseevsky” – find that in the “Golosuhe” you can not only feed the squirrels, but also to see (but not derail it is time to throw this stupid habit!) Many kinds of spring flowers, primroses. Watch giant oaks in several girths. Listen to the voice of the black woodpecker, black woodpecker. Also learn about the history of some plants Goloseevo – for example, that the forest on the slope above the pond at Golosiyivska area was cut down, and resumed the planting after the Second World War. (By the way, to live with him very well – quiet, comfortable, have a place to relax … It provides comfortable accommodation Kiev is not everywhere.)
There are also excursions to the islands in the city, opening the mysteries of the floodplain islands almost never preserved due to the creation of the Dnieper cascade.

Tour of the NPP "Goloseevsky"

Tour of the NPP “Goloseevsky”

Excursions on military history Kiev
The city has got a lot of wars, from ancient times to the Second World War. Of course, in Kiev there is a monument to the defenders of the city from the Mongol-Tatar invasion, in Putivl. But the monuments of military history – a lot. And it is not only the Park of Glory and the National Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II, and not only the monument to fallen soldiers, but also the strengthening of the Kiev fortified area themselves, and the remains of trenches in the woods of Kiev.

Military history of Kiev ...

Military history of Kiev …

Excursions dungeons Kiev
For fans of extreme sports produced a range of excursions into the mysterious world of dungeons Kiev. This mysterious and Stalinist tunnels and underground rivers, and old drainage systems, and finally, the famous caves of Kiev.

Mysterious dungeons of Kiev

Mysterious dungeons of Kiev

This is just a quick overview of a very small part of the excursions offered, because Kiev is almost infinite in its mysteries. Therefore, renting an apartment in Kiev – and soon on the tour.


Author: Сикорский Т.А.

Published: March 26 2016